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Qigong at Harcourt park Upper HuttQigong at Harcourt park Upper Hutt

Qigong Classes

These classes are designed to support you in your journey toward better health and self realisation.  Please note their role is supplementary only and they cannot replace the in-depth training you can get via the specialised courses in Qigong and your own everyday practice at home. If you are new to Qigong, the best way to start is first to learn the basics by attending a course or seeing Vlado on an individual base. However if there is no Beginner's course starting soon and individual sessions are not an option for you, you are most welcome to join the regular classes and get the taste of Qigong until next intro course is scheduled.

every Wednesday - Tokoroa (in person or remotely via Internet) at the Qigong, Self Healing and Life Cultivation Centre (click here for the map).

This class is also Internet enabled (click here to for more info).

every Sunday - Tokoroa (in person or remotely via Internet) at the Qigong, Self Healing and Life Cultivation Centre (click here for the map).

These classes are also Internet enabled (click here to for more info).

* The audio recordings of this class are available online (for a limited period of time).  You can request access to these recordings if you are unable to attend the live sessions of this class (the fee is same as if you attend in person).

!NB: This class is temporary put on hold due to the relocation of the Centre. The class will be reinstated sometime in January (2018). For more info please contact Vlado (individual sessions are still available).

Ren Xue class at Qigong & Self Healing Centre"Hi Vlado,
just listened to the discussion of Dantian Breathing for the second time ... it is a gem! How it meandered through the topic, revealing insights and personal experiences, touching upon profound truths in an almost offhand way, it was beautiful, like the sun sparkling on water, now here, now there.
With gratitude.

"Dear Vlado, Thank you for a wonderful Qi filled Sunday, I so look forward to Sunday's shared with you all. My understanding and practice is improving and deepening each time and I am so grateful for this. I really appreciate the contributions made by everyone and their complete openness and honesty when sharing their experiences and insights/discoveries that have come through their own practice with their positive and difficult moments while working on their patterns. This puts things into perspective for me and shows me that we all have moments but that those moments help us grow and are also the things that help us help others, we have tools available and through sharing our experiences on how we use these tools and what works for us we help each other and there is a positive ripple effect. I also enjoyed sharing the light hearted moments with laughter and am getting much better at squats:)
Many thanks, Sharon"

"Dear Vlado, it is very difficult to put in words (it seems to me that language is expression and repression) what happens in our classes. They are growing not only in depth but in their post effect. They are truly helping. The Qi field permeates and seals. We all need them so much. Once again thank you, Liliana S." 


For more details contact Vlado (click here to go to Contacts).
The concession cards for the classes above are valid also for the classes of Shona Page, ph: (04) 389 9016.

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