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Support for Teacher Trainees

Most of the new teachers have to do at least part of their teacher training at Yuan Tze Centre by correspondence. This way of learning has its advantages - one can follow one's own pace, stop at any time, replay some of the material on the DVDs as many times as one wishes.  But learning from DVDs and manuals has also its challenges - although one can still connect with the powerful qi-field, there is no possibility of 2 way interaction, asking questions or having the opportunity to discuss the material and practice the forms with other fellow trainee teachers.

Individual Sessions for Support of Teachers in Training

(in person or via Skype)

Vlado was lucky to become one of Yuan Tze's first students here, in New Zealand, short after his arrival in 2002. Vlado attended almost every workshop held by Yuan Tze Centre in Wellington, Yuan Tze's regular classes, all levels of the old and new teacher training programme as well as all retreats held in New Zealand. 

Thanks to this long in-person learning with Yuan Tze, Vlado believes he is able to pass onto the new teachers in training knowledge and experience that can help them solidify what they have already learned from the DVDs.  Most importantly, the individual session with Vlado would provide a chance for in-person interaction, discussion and opportunity to receive a feedback.

Vlado offers both in-person and on-line (e.g. via Skype) consultations that can help to:

The fee for these sessions is same as for the other individual sessions offered by the centre.

Workshops and Courses

Once you have done your own learning by using the training DVDs, you may decide to attend some of the Qigong workshops and courses Vlado organises for the general public. The purpose of doing this would be not so much to hear once again what you know already from the training DVDs but to observe a training in action and get ideas about the courses and workshops you'll be running on your own in the future.  Again, you can attend either locally or on-line.  There is a discount for teachers who have completed the corresponding level of the teacher's training (please ask if nothing is written in the fees & discounts section of the course info). 

List of courses and workshops taught at Qigong & Self Healing Centre.


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