Healing through Qigong

There are two aspects of healing through Qigong:

    (see also work on consciousness)

Self Healing

Cure illness is one of the main four benefits of the Qigong practice (prevent and cure illness;  enhance health;  prolong life;  develop the untapped potential of mind and consciousness).

Qigong has been proven to work effectively on overall health as well as specific problems. Here are some examples:

Qigong practice can clear blockages, replenish Qi and nourish the physical body and the mind. This means unhealthy gatherings of Qi (from where most diseases and abnormal growths originate) can be transformed and cleared. Qigong practice helps the body to normalize and balance itself by activating the body’s own self-healing abilities. Qigong works on the most fundamental level (Qi and consciousness) and is therefore very effective in dealing with health problems of all sorts.

In order self healing to be effective it is important to follow a good system under the supervision of an experienced teacher.  Some Qigong styles and exercises can have very powerful effect and could be dangerous if used in an incorrect way.  Please note that learning Qigong only by reading books is not an option!!


Apart from practicing Qigong, healing can also occur through Qi therapy. A trained Qi therapist can transmit Qi to the patient’s body to replenish Qi and clear blockages, and thus activate the body’s self-healing process. Qi therapy can be given to an individual as well as to a group.  Read more...

Recommended approach

If you have a minor health condition, your own Qigong practice (self healing) should be sufficient to get it under control and gradually work on it until it's completely cleared. 

However, if your health condition is more serious or has been with you for a long time, it is a good idea to combine all possible resources you have to deal with it.  This would include external Qi-therapy, work on the level of consciousness and also using everything that conventional and other alternative medicines have to offer.

More on Healing:

Qigong Medicine

The use of Qigong medicine has been recorded in Chinese history for thousands of years.  Strictly speaking, any proper style or system of Qigong can be seen as medical Qigong because all genuine Qigong can have healing effects. In other words, any Qigong style or system that has a sound theoretical base and effective methods can be seen as Qigong medicine. When we use the word ‘medicine’, referring to a system for health care, there must by implication be methods for diagnosis and treatment. Qigong medicine differs from other medicines in several ways:

As mentioned above, Qigong medicine has been around for thousands of years. Generally speaking, traditional Qigong medicine has the same theoretical foundation as TCM. Most traditional Qigong systems focus on one of the many aspects of the theories of TCM. For example, a system may be based on the theory of Yin and Yang or the theory of the Five Elements. There are also Qigong systems that do not have a comprehensive theoretical base; they are more just methods for practice.

Zhineng Qigong Medicine

Zhineng Qigong is based on the theories and methods of traditional Qigong systems innovatively combining elements of these to form a system with a sound theoretical foundation and excellent methods. The Hunyuan totality theory of Zhineng Qigong can be seen as a distillation and enhancement of the traditional Hunyuan Qi theories and, as such, can be far-reaching and deep in its application. Zhineng Qigong is a Hunyuan Qi centred system with a focus on the seven actions of Qi – opening, closing, exiting, entering, dispersing, gathering and transforming. As a Qigong medicine, it is fundamentally different from traditional Qigong medicine and from most other modern Qigong systems. Apart from being an excellent system for self-healing, Zhineng Qigong also offers a practical and workable approach to External Qi Therapy, which constitutes a significant advancement in the practice of Qigong medicine. Another important contribution of Zhineng Qigong is the development of the theory of qifield building and the application of this in Qi therapy and other aspects of life. Zhineng Qigong medicine works effectively on physical problems, both genetic and acquired. People whose problems are non-physical can also be helped. For people without obvious physical illness, the practice of Zhineng Qigong can prevent illness arising and maintain health.


Hunyuan Medicine

Hunyuan medicine is an enhanced version of Zhineng Qigong medicine, and the theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong are a part of it.

In Hunyuan medicine, physical illness is a manifestation of an unhealthy Qi condition or Qi disorder. A Qi disorder is the manifestation of the unhealthy consciousness.

An ancient book, ‘Complete Truths about Cultivating Life with Dao’ ( 修 道 全 真 ), tells us:

"Most people are born healthy. Qi, or pure Qi or Yuan Qi (source Qi) is being generated every day from within and from the exchange with the external. However, people are attacked by two ‘evils’ every day. When under such attack, people can get sick or even die when Qi is too damaged and exhausted."

The two evils refer to the sickness-causing factors from the outside and from the inside.  When we talk about sickness-causing factors from the inside, we should pay a special attention to the Consciousness related factors.  Consciousness-related factors are involved in almost all health problems even though this is more obvious in some cases than others. That's why in Hunyuan Medicine the work on Consciousness plays a very special role.  Read more about work on consciousness.  

Currently, all the health-related practices can be put in three major categories:

Hunyuan medicine has the potential to become a holistic Qigong medicine that unifies all of these three categories in one.

Some of the texts above are quotations from Voyage to the Shore Part 2, Yuan Tze. 

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