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Is our life unfolding the way we want it? Is it free of problems? Are we healthy and happy?

Everything in the universe transforms and develops according certain laws that are common for the whole universe but also specific for the particular event, thing or being. When we work with these laws, everything is happening in a natural way and life is in a harmonious state. When we are unaware of the natural laws and we go against them, we will experience problems and difficulties when trying to achieve our goals. These problems can manifest on all levels including the level of physical, emotional and mental health. Therefore if we want to make real progress in life, it is crucial to understand and adhere to these universal laws.

Ren Xue (pronounced wren shooeh) is a science for human life itself. It has its sources in Chinese Qigong, Zhineng Qigong, Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching (The Book of Change) philosophy, Feng Shui philosophy, Taiji, Bagua, Martial Arts, and Folk Arts. It also incorporates modern philosophy, medical science, science and technology. Ren Xue is built upon a holistic theoretical framework. The knowledge human beings have developed so far has enabled us to understand human life to a degree. However, prior to the development of Ren Xue, there has been no science or study that is a complete system for all aspects of human life.

Ren Xue is also the art and science of changing and elevating life. It is a comprehensive system of knowledge of the objective laws of human life, nature and the relationship between human life and nature. Ren Xue can be used to harmonise and develop life at all stages – from before conception to after death.

Through continuous work on understanding, changing and improving life, the level of our physical, mental and spiritual health can be elevated. This will hopefully raise the level of human consciousness and improve our ways of living in order to benefit the human culture as a whole.

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Life cultivation discussion classes ooVoo

Ren Xue class at Qigong & Self Healing Centre


Weekly Ren Xue discussions

The purpose of these classes is to increase our understanding about human life, its intrinsic laws and the relationship between humans and nature/universe. The knowledge and understanding we gain should be then applied in real life so we can further improve our physical, emotional and spiritual health and increase the efficiently when dealing with the problems and difficulties we encounter in life.

My intention is to encourage the discussion of real life situations as well as aspects of our Qigong practice and the way we see and approach them from the perspective of Qi, Dao De and Ren Xue.

The topics of the sessions are based on your questions or things that I believe are relevant to where we are at the moment. Priority will be given to the questions emailed in advance. The submitted questions are sent to the people on Vlado's Ren Xue classes mailing list in advance, which allows everyone to do some thinking and come prepared. The questions are kept anonymous unless stated otherwise.

Other fully qualified teachers participate and give their perspective as well.

Although the title of the class contains the word 'discussion', you are most welcome to just listen - it is all good and there is no pressure to comment or express an opinion :).

“These talks and Qi field are elevating us faster I think. They are like extra rocket boosters. I also felt that there was quite a lot of healing going on for the people in that session, including myself. Qieers!"
         Phil Johns, teacher/student and teacher in training since 2003

It is amazing to see how many aspects and subtleties can be seen and discovered when few people together do the “go deeper and seek the cause”.

The advantage to have the class in a form of discussion is that everyone can take part according their level of understanding – those who ask the questions get answers and those who have some understanding learn how to present it.

We learn also the art of how to preserve and deepen the harmony in the group even when we hold different positions. If we think in a different way, well, there must be a reason - it could be an underlying pattern of thinking or a missing bit of knowledge or understanding.

Here, the difference in the thinking should be seen as a good opportunity, a good chance to go deeper in order to see a broader picture of the reality, to seek truth on a more fundamental level.

You can participate in the discussion in few different ways, here are few options to chose from:

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Work on the level of Consciousness Skype

(Change your destiny consultations)

These sessions aim to help you increase your awareness and understanding of the fundamental laws of human life so you can do the necessary adjustments that can bring life back to its natural and joyful state.  This type of work can be successfully used to solve problems on emotional, mental and physical levels. 

There sessions are different from the ordinary counselling sessions.  Firstly, they are carried out in a built in advance and rich of information qifield that supports the process of going deeper to seek the real causes of the problems.  Secondly, all the problems are examined also from the perspective of qi.  It is almost impossible to see the real roots of one's problems if we ignore qi and its laws.  An approach that doesn't include such perspective is destined to work only on the superficial phenomenon but not on the fundamental level of life.  It is like trying to fix something without knowing its principles and functions.

By developing understanding on the fundamental level, we shall be able to see problems clearer and solve them in a more efficient way.  This way, we will be able to take care of the development of life both internally and externally in society.

These sessions can be done in person or remotely via phone or Internet connection (e.g. Skype).

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