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How and Why I’ve come to do this project:

Western Medicine is indispensable when it comes to acute illnesses and severe injuries. However this isn’t the case when treating chronic conditions, burnout, lowered vitality or trying to prevent illness in the first place. Here’s where Qigong can step in.

Most of the health advice nowadays is given by the allopathic healthcare practitioners. However the western health education lacks exposure to patient centred healing techniques and other global cultures such as Qigong. To help medical practitioners see the potential of Qigong and Qigong Medicine and how their patients can benefit from it, doctors would need to be given a chance to experience the effects of Qigong for themselves.

My two referees are GPs who teach Qigong - they are living examples of the new way of thinking in medicine.

My Goal:

Introduce Qigong to open-minded doctors so they can experience its positive effects and see the potential of complementing Western medicine with Qigong.

Category:   Medical

How does this project benefit the community, society and humanity as a whole?

Marked health improvement for both involved medical practitioners and their patients at very low cost.

Healthier society consisting of more self aware and realised individuals who take the responsibility of their health and wellbeing in their own hands.

Applying Qigong on a larger scale can save millions of dollars of the national health care budgets.

How much do I need for the project and what will this go towards?

I plan to offer free tuition in Qigong to about 20-40 General Practitioners (Medical Doctors). The cost to train one person to the level one can start experiencing the benefits of Qigong is about $250-$500.

The purpose of the free offer is to present the project as a no-obligation non-commercial initiative intended to open new horizons for heath care. As health practitioners experience the benefits of the practice and are educated regarding the evidence behind the efficiency, they’ll be able to share it with their colleagues and patients. The benefit to the population of adding this powerful DIY tool to the health professional tool kit is potentially very large.


(You can contribute to this project with any amount)

Your support is much appreciated,  Thank you!


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My achievements in my field so far and other major steps I have taken towards my goal:

1990-2006:   Explored the potential of the main complementary & alternative holistic medical practises and modalities like Yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, acupuncture, herbology, Reiki, Homeopathy, EFT to discover that Qigong stands out with its unlimited potential and widest area of application

2003-2006:   Completed 8 level teachers training programme, became fully qualified Qigong master teacher & therapist

2007-present:  Founded Qigong & Self Healing Centre and introduced Qigong to few hundreds of people  (www.self-healing.co.nz)

Awards, scholarships and sponsorships I have received:

The greatest award is the improvement of my own health, the positive changes I see in my students, some of who chose to become teachers too and the feeling I am doing the right thing :).

Representative positions I have held:

Founded and operates Qigong & Self Healing Centre

Mentors new Qigong teachers & therapists

Supports & works with organizations with similar purpose like Yuan Tze Centre, Ren Xue Life Development Trust, NZ Qigong & TCM Association, NZKFWF etc

What are some of the next steps towards achieving my goal?

Work toward official recognition of Qigong Medicine by ACC and MOH.

Facilitate case study research.

Communicate with thousands of Qigong and other alternative and complementary medicine practitioners around the world to help people help themselves.

My References:

Dr. Anna Harvey MBChB, FRNZCGP
Relationship: Colleague & Friend
Address: ..., Karori, Wellington

Dr Jackie Blunt MBChB, Dip. Obs
Relationship: Fellow Yuan Gong and Ren Xue teacher
Address: ..., RD2, Christchurch



(You can contribute to this project with any amount)

Your support is much appreciated,  Thank you!


Are you a GP, Physician or Medical Specialist yourself?  Click here to get involved /  apply for the scholarship!



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